Battleplans features a campaign (or 'story') mode which follows a group of heroes battling throughout the world against the evil Skull King, unlocking heroes, troops, resources and much more.

The Campaign is made up of many chapters (currently the final chapter is 57) along which almost every chapter unlocks something for the player. Progression through the chapters is limited by set prerequisites usually entailing a certain number of heroes or troops to equal or exceed a specific level. For example, to initiate chapter 45, the player must have three level 11 troops (e.g. level 11 serfs, archers and knights).

The Campaign chapters are split into two types: standard levels where building unlocks are gained and Skull King levels where Camp boost (hero level) and Troop level training is unlocked. Standard levels feature a map filled with different compositions of troops and heroes (unlike the player, the Skulls may have multiple of the same hero and may have squads comprised entirely of troops, without a hero) where the player has to control a majority of the crystals (most often at least two of the three). A Skull King level is exactly the same except a Soul Titan will be present on the map, which presents a huge challenge on its own.

Different chapters will require different hero/troops compositions and different strategies. For example, one chapter entails multiple enemy 'Pepper' heroes (around 8-9) all of which rain down fireball after fireball onto the spawn side of the map, which can prove deadly. A good strategy for this chapter is to move all of your troops into the other side of the map immediately, thereby avoiding 95% of the fireball and allowing you to battle the enemy squads without depletion.