Summary Edit

"His gravestone spawns undead warriors during battle"

Ability: Gravestone Edit

On Attack: Grimm creates a gravestone at his starting position on the beach, which spawns zombies.

On Defense: Grimm creates a gravestone wherever he starts, which spawns zombies.

Upgrades Edit

Level 7: Granite Tombstone

Icon capacity necro 04

The gravestone gains armour.

Level 17: Dead On Target

Icon capacity necro 02

His attacks have a chance to spawn a zombie at the feet of his opponent.

Level 23: Mass Grave

Icon capacity necro 03

The gravestone spawns 2 zombies at a time.

Level 32: Back From The Grave

Icon capacity necro 01

Where Grimm dies, a zombie spawns.

Level 57: Open Grave

Icon capacity necro 05

The gravestone spawns 1 more wave of zombies

Strategy Edit

Grimm's zombies are an excellent way to waste Balthor's Thunderstrike ability before he even engages with a squad. On attack, it is advised to send Balthor behind another squad when facing Grimm's zombies, to avoid this.

Troop Pairings: Grimm's zombies help him engage enemy squads for as long as possible, which is a strategy greatly enhanced by Serfs.