Battleplans' War mode is based around the control of Outposts, which are uncovered through the Campaign mode and successfully holding them will grant a certain amount of a specific resource, depending on which war the player is in.

At the start of every War, every outpost is automatically claimed by The Skulls (AI), who set up a basic defence plan which is generally easily beatable. From there on it is up to the players to battle over control of the outposts, by initiating attacks and setting defence plans for the AI to enact when another player attempts to take control. 

After being unsuccessfully attacked, Outposts gain a short protection time from which no player may attack it, and a much longer protection time against the specific player who failed to capture it. Protection is also given to a player who recently captures an Outpost, so that they may have time to plan a defence. All protection times depend on the War the player is in.