Summary Edit

"He can teleport to a friendly squad, or his orb"

Ozzy can teleport.

Ability: Teleport Edit

On Attack: Drag onto a friendly squad to have Ozzy teleport to that squad.

On Defense: Set the orb position, then set a timer to determine when Ozzy teleports to that position.

Upgrades Edit

Level 7: Shock Blast

Randomly adds a blast effect to his Lightning, damaging & stunning all nearby enemies.

Level 17: Delayed Arrival

Allows his orb timer to be set 5 seconds later.

Level 23 / Chapter 18: Shocking Teleport

Defense only - Deals AoE damage to enemies upon teleportation arrival.

Level 32 / Chapter 39: Stunning Teleport

On Teleportation, AoE stun.

Level 57 / Chapter 39: Furious Ozzy

His basic melee attacks deal more damage.

Strategy Edit

Ozzy can be used to surprise opponents, and even take undefended crystals within the last few seconds of battle. Therefore, when facing Ozzy, it is advised to leave at least one squad to defend the starting crystal. If Ozzy teleports, the squad will be ready to either defeat Ozzy's squad or hold him off until the timer runs out.

Troop Pairings: Since Ozzy is usually ambushing foes, he does well with high damage units such as Sentries.

Detailed Statistics Edit

Level Health Armour Melee damage Ranged damage Price for upgrade Time for upgrade
0 290 20 50 75 - -
20 1951 134 369 504 ? ?