Summary Edit

"Her Fireball burns and stuns all in its blast"

Pepper has a powerful AoE that can be used to clear the way for your attackers or destroy enemies who fall afoul of your plan.

Ability: Fireball Edit

On Attack: Drag the move arrow onto an enemy squad to summon a fireball, damaging all units (even friendly ones) in a large radius.

On Defense: The fireball may be moved around as an object in the planning screen. Set the location that the fireball will strike, and then tap it to set the delay. The earliest it can fire is 25 seconds.

Upgrades Edit

Level 7: Scorched Earth

The zone struck by the fireball damages units standing in it for 2 seconds after impact.

Level 17: Knockdown Blast

Meteor knocks down all units it hits.

Level 23 / Chapter 18: Greater Firebolts

Pepper gains 10% more base ranged damage.

Level 32 / Chapter 39: Shelling From Sea

Turtles stay 3-5 seconds longer before leaving.

Level 57 / Chapter 39: Early Fireball

On defense, fireball can fall at 20 seconds, rather than 25.

Strategy Edit

Pepper will punish you for clumping all your squads together.

Troop Pairings: Pepper's knockdown makes her good with Archers. If you don't want to be afraid of hitting yourself with your own fireball, use her with Brutes.

Detailed Statistics Edit

Level Health Armour Melee damage Ranged damage Price for upgrade Time for upgrade
0 260 20 50 70 - -
6 460 35 88 123 9,000G


7 507 39 97 136 14,000G


3h 30m
20 1749 134 336 518 ? ?