Troops are the core of your army. Each hero brings a squad with them into battle, which can consist of a number of units of one troop. A hero's squad sizes can be increased individually for each troop on a hero, as a part of that hero's level.

Each troop has its strengths and weaknesses. The pairing of troops and heroes is a very important decision on both attack and defense.

Troops Edit

The different troops available in game are as follows, in the order they are unlocked in the campaign:

Icon command peasants

"Serfs are tough, but don’t deal much damage. Use them to hinder enemy troops!"

  • Summary
    • The Serf is a paysan equipped with an agriculture tool.
    • The Serf is the first troop of the player and the only one who doesn't need to free from the Skulls.
    • Serfs are the weakest troops in the game, often acting as a meatshield.

  • Strategy
    • The Serf is good to nothing but hitpoints. Fortunately Battleplans is all about time. Because you can win even if your troops are decimated Serfs are very useful to slow down the enemy. A large squad of Serfs blocking a bridge may not end up victorious but can win you the battle if they blocked the way to your crystal point long enough.

  • Notes
    • The Serf is the only troop with a random weapon. Each time a new Serf is trained, he receives a random agriculture tool.

Icon command archers

"Archers provide excellent support but are weak in melee combat"

  • Summary
    • Archers are equipped with a bow and a short dagger. They wear a fancy "Robin hood"-like hat.
    • Archers are the only ranged troop in the game.

  • Strategy
    • Archers are the perfect support in battle. They cover a large area and can support multiple points of your defense. They can also take advantage of terrain obstacles.

  • Notes
    • Archers are the second unlocked troop.