Wars let you compete against other players to test your skills in attacking and defending. They take place over a set period of time at the end of which players receive a resource reward depending on how well they did. Players can move up and down in rank as they do better or worse in the war.

Occupying Outposts Edit

At the beginning of each war, each outpost starts under the control of the skulls. If a player attacks it and defeats the default skull plan, they get a small number of war points (trophies), gain control of the outpost, and can set up their own defense plan for other players to challenge. Taking a point from the skulls sets a short cooldown timer on that point to allow the player to set up a plan.

Attacking Edit

Players may also attack outposts controlled by other players. If they succeed they gain war points, and they may set up their own defense plan for other players to challenge. If they fail, they lose war points, and must wait for the cooldown timer to reset before they can attack that outpost again.

Defending Edit

If a player defeats your defense plan, you lose war points. Conversely, you gain points for successful defenses. The amount of war points that you receive (on either attack or defense) is proportional to your position the leaderboard, gaining less if you are ahead and more if you are behind.

Scoring and Placement Edit

All players who have attacked an outpost are displayed in the war leaderboard. They are ranked by how many points they have received, from successful attacks and defenses.

When the war's set period of time is up, each player receives a resource reward dependant on their position in the leaderboard. Each player's total trophies from that war are added to that player's overall trophy total, and their matchmaking for the next war is calculated based on that total.

Certain overall trophy totals will give you benefits as you enter into higher tiers of war. The benefits are as follows:

  • 0-99 Trophies: Peasant War
  • 100-399 Trophies: Veteran War - Unlocks Clans
  • 400-799 Trophies: Elite War - Allows you to edit plans on outposts you do not own.
  • 800-1399 Trophies: Champion War - Allows you to switch between two different defense plans within the planning screen.
  • 1400-2099 Trophies: Noble War
  • 2100-3199 Trophies: Royal War
  • 3200-4999 Trophies: Sovereign War - Allows you to switch between three different defense plans within the planning screen.
  • 5000 Trophies: Imperial War